Volunteer Signup

We use the website Signup Genius for our members to sign up for volunteeSign up nowr shifts.  Click the button below when you are ready to sign up.

The general process for volunteer sign up is:

  1. After you purchase a share, you will receive an email from Signup Genius with a link to the Jewish Local Greens volunteer signup sheet.
  2. Clicking on the link in the email will take you to the Signup Genius website where you will have to create a password to log in the first time. (The email you gave us at registration is your user name.)
  3. Signup Genius will then guide you through the signup process.
  4. Number of times to volunteer throughout the season:
    • Every-Week shares are responsible for filling 3 volunteer slots.
    • Every-Other-Week shares are responsible for filing 2 volunteer slots

    Be sure to sign up for the dates you are expecting to pick up, especially for those of you who have Every-Other-Week shares.

  5. You will get a reminder email from Signup Genius 6 days before your commitment.
  6. If your schedule changes, you can go back onto Signup Genius and use the ‘swap’ feature to change dates with someone else.

Important points you need to know:

  • Signup Genius is a confidential site and only you have access to your personal information. We load the site with the email address you provided us at registration.
  • SignUpGenius will send you one email reminder 6 days in advance. Other than your own calendar this will be the only reminder sent.
  • You will be able to swap with other members via the SUG site if you need to make a change.

Our only back up is each other.  Please remember the dates you commit to and make changes early enough in advance to find a sub through SUG SWAP, or to ask a fellow member.

Sign up now


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