Welcome to our Farm! From the Farmers

June 10 – 2012    –    If you look closely this Thursday afternoon outside the Mandell JCC, the Adamah veggies will tell you a story.  After a spring of adequate rains and reasonable temperatures, the bok choi will wear smiles in the form of broad dark green leaves.  The cheeks of the radishes will blush a rosy pink in gratitude for the team of young farmers who kept their bed weed-free while they plumped out.  We will tell you all about the farm through newsletters, blog posts and in person at our monthly markets (see schedule here).  In addition, we hope that when you look down at a fresh plate of salad greens or gaze deeply into a shmear of creamy chevre, you notice what those colors and textures say about how healthy and dynamic our farm ecosystem is.

            At Adamah we have the incredible opportunity to team up with the sun, the rain, the soil and each other to build community through the incredible work of producing food.  Fellows of the Adamah program (learn more here) are the engines behind the farm fresh food you will eat all season.  From all corners of the country, they come to Adamah to learn the power that useful, physical, ecologically responsible work has to enrich their spirits and their future as conscientious leaders.

            By joining our CSA you have become members of our community and we hope that our products cultivate your souls as they do ours.  We are so grateful that our joyful hard work culminates in feeding such nutritious food to local families.  By jumping in so willingly with our farm, you have truly made an incredible choice to keep your food dollars local and to create a safer and more just way of eating.  We promise that your health, wallets and taste buds will be all the better for it!

            There may be moments along this journey when you ask yourself, “What in the world am I supposed to do with kohlrabi?” or, “Is my child really going to eat the kimchi I put in her lunch box?”  We thank you in advance for rising to the challenge of those moments, for sharing your recipes with one another, and for joining an historic march toward a better food system.  We look forward to meeting all of you and to sharing our story on your breakfast, lunch and dinner plates!


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