Fire at Isabella Freedman Sept 4th

This message came today from David Weisberg, CEO of the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center:

Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Centera program of Hazon

Dear Friends,

The most important sentence in this email is “Everyone is safe.”  And thank G-d they are.

In the early morning hours today, a significant fire developed on our Isabella Freedman campus in the Daisy lodging building.  The accidental fire engulfed much of the building, and there was a significant and valiant response by many fire departments in the region.  The fire has now been put out, no members of our campus community suffered any physical effects, some members of our community are understandably shaken, the fire was limited to Daisy building, and Daisy appears to be a total loss.

And, as an organization that has provided programming on this and other campuses for over 120 years, we’ll continue to move forward without interruption.  While, for so many of us, Daisy Building contained wonderful stories and memories, those emotional connections aren’t diminished amongst the heat and flames, but are strengthened by a fire that burns within us and sustains us through times both wonderful and traumatic.

As we clean up the damage and find comfort in community, we’re also strengthened by your continued love and support – for Hazon, for the Isabella Freedman campus, and for all of us.

We’re just a bit shaken, but – most importantly – everyone is safe; and we look forward to welcoming you back.

Thank you.


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