Composting through the CSA & Blue Earth

Last fall we had a trial with Blue Earth Compost.  After our ten-week trial period, we were told that “JLG members diverted 463 pounds of food scraps from the incinerator. That is enough to offset the emissions from 93 gallons of gasoline – the equivalent of 1,637 pounds of carbon dioxide. For a brand new trial program, that is phenomenal!”

Due to the success and the interest of members, we will continue the program this year.  Bring your acceptable kitchen scraps to the pickup point and add them to the large container.  Use a leakproof container or bag (do NOT put the container or bag into the large container); Blue Earth will provide one to you for a $10 fee, please order them in advance.

Blue Earth Compost Rules

Blue Earth will bring compost to the location periodically for people to buy to add to their gardens, and will donate compost to the Jessie’s Community Gardens on behalf of Jewish Local Greens.


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