Composting Results and Offsets

According to the personnel at Blue Earth Compost, “Over the 23 weeks, members diverted a total of 1,682 pounds of food scraps for an average of 73 pounds/week. That is enough to offset the emissions from 336 gallons of gasoline – the equivalent of 6,613 pounds of carbon dioxide. Also, assuming an average of 20 mpg, this is enough offset the gasoline needed to make 84 round trips from Adamah Farm to Beth David!”  This means our composting during the CSA season more than offsets the number of trips the farmers make to deliver our veggies, which is a huge boon to the environment.


We’re planning to continue the relationship with Blue Earth Compost in our 2016 CSA delivery season.  You can sign up for composting pickups during the off-season, or tell friends who are not CSA members about the service so they can join – just click on their name for the website for sign-up and contact information.

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