2016 Registration and Pricing

A Note from the Farmers About 2016 Registration and Pricing

If you didn’t register at the CSA Celebration, you can do so online:  whcsa.adamah.org    Register by December 1st to get $25 off an every week share and $12 off an every other week share. Use the discount code FULLEARLY for every week shares and EOWEARLY for every other week shares.

Our prices have gone up a bit for 2016 to keep up with rising production costs. We have done a lot of price comparing and our 2016 per week prices are lower than the state average for organic farms and either right in line with or lower than other West Hartford CSAs, although our season runs longer. Here they are:

2016 Share Prices

  Every Week Every Other Week
Per Season (23 wks) $680.00 $360.00
Per Week $29.57 $30

Sign up by December 1 to get $25 off an every week share and $10 off an every other week share.

We know that the price of a CSA share sometimes seems high. This is often because we are used to thinking about our food bills on a weekly basis rather than swallowing the cost of a six month season in one price.

As you know, the CSA ends up being an extremely good value. This season, members received 5-20% more organic produce each week t;lhhan you could have bought with that amount at a farmers market or whole foods and of course got all the perks to boot- freshness, cooking tips, and community.

The other reason for CSA price sticker shock is that we are all used to the cheap price of industrial food.

In the past, people spent a much higher percentage of their monthly income on food than we do in America today, and that is still the case in most other countries. De-prioritizing good food in our personal budgets has had devastating consequences that are expensive to address including chronic diet related health problems, the food insecurity that results from disappearing local farm economies, loss of soil and bio-diversity, pollution, and the mistreatment of the farm workers who grow our very sustenance. By purchasing a CSA share you invest in your health and the health of our community without the expensive cleanup costs that result from de-valuing food.

We apologize for going on about this topic. It is, obviously, one near and dear to our hearts. We hope you feel great about your buy-in to the CSA and please do let us know if you are going through financial hardship and would like to apply for a subsidized share.

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