Harvest Notes for October 1st.

The farmers include a tasty recipe to use this week’s green onions in the Harvest Notes.  You can thin some of it with cream to become a dressing for the lettuce, adding some kale for added nutrition, and chopped tomatoes and red peppers for color.  Or you can substitute the onions for the one in this recipe for chicken with red peppers.

Green onions by the carload!

Green onions by the carload!


The farmers predict we will receive Beets, GarlicKaleLettuce, OnionsParsleyPeppersPotatoes, and Scallions.  You can toss the root veggies with oil and roast them, then top with chopped herbs if you want a quick side dish, of course.  For a Shabbat lunch, toss the cold roasted veggies on top of a chopped kale and lettuce mixture for a quick salad.

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