Harvest Notes for September 10th (and Farmstand)

If you feel overwhelmed by the quantity of peppers we received this week, the Harvest Notes give one way to store them for the future, or you can roast them – something expensive and elegant for just a few extras minutes of work!


The farmers predict that we will receive Carrots (many people make tzimmes, why not try a baked or steamed pudding instead?) or Beets, GarlicParsleyPeppers, OnionsTomatoes, and in time for Rosh Hashonnah, Apples or Cantaloupe.

Pickles and Jams for sale at the farmstand.

Pickles and Jams for sale at the farmstand.  Invite your friends!

Also, the farmers from Adamah will be bringing treats just in time for you to stock up for the High Holy Days.  Add to the sweetness of the New Year with jams made from various summer fruits.  Several varieties each of crisp pickles or sauerkrauts and spicy kimchee add flavor to even simple meals; pickled beets can be a refreshing salad ingredient.  If you need to take gifts to family, friends, or hosts, or want to be sure you have a bountiful table to offer, they will have plenty of certified organic and kosher (and mostly vegan) treats.  Invite your friends, as the farmstead is open to the community.

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