Harvest Notes for July 9th

Are you overwhelmed by the variety of summer squash?  The patty pans are great to stuff as an entree, maybe with some fresh corn from a local farmstand or farmers market, and the yellow squash can go into a casserole that’s rich enough for a main dish.  More suggestions for cooking them and all the veggies in the Harvest Notes!


This week the farmers think we will receive broccoli, cucumber, dillgarlic scapeskalelettuce, and zucchini.  Try sprinkling finely-chopped dill on the zucchini for a quick taste boost, or check the links for more recipe ideas, some of which use more than one of the items in this week’s guesstimate.


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2 Responses to Harvest Notes for July 9th

  1. Daniel Braune Friedman says:

    we are travelling this week and next week. we should be getting a share this week. s there a way to ask the community if someone would like our share this week and we will take another share on a different week.

    • whcsa11 says:

      Sorry we didn’t see this earlier. It’s better if you email than post here because WordPress doesn’t send a notice. If you have a friend who can pick up and use your veggies, that is a solution many people use.

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