First Seedlings for our 2015 Shares have Sprouted!

The farmers sent pictures of the first seedlings to sprout for our 2015 shares.

photo 1photo 3photo 4

They said:  “On March 5th we hesitatingly pulled our gloves off finger by finger and put 5,000 onion and leek seeds to soil in greenhouse containers. There was snow up to our hips outside but we jump started our imaginations and visualized crocuses and the return of bird song.  In a March like this one, you really have to believe that the rich soils you knew in November will be unveiled and dried out enough by the time your little plant starts are big enough to go outside.  Every time I hold the first seeds of the season in my hand I feel like I am holding a ball at the top of a hill or an arrow loaded and the string pulled taut, there is so much potential energy built up and ready to release into the unknown.  We hope that you too feel the profound potential of our CSA- to fuel our bodies, to build community, to support our local economy, and to support a healthy regional ecosystem.  Please help spread the word about our program far and wide!”

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