Registration Link for 2015

If you would like to register for 2015, please go to this link.  Both every-week and alternate-week shares are available.  The pickup schedule is on that page; you will be assigned to the A or B group for alternate-week shares.  If you are new to the CSA and curious about what shares were like in the past, we have a page listing sample shares or you can look at last year’s Harvest Notes.


If you have friends who are interested in joining the CSA, you can show them this video that gives an idea of the produce and the people on the farm:

Adamah CSA in West Hartford 2015

We will continue to have the Blue Earth Compost bin at the pickup site for your compostable kitchen waste.  You can rent a small bin from Blue Earth for the summer, and use it to bring your compostable items to the pickup site.

The farmers will continue to host monthly markets at which you can buy pickles, jams, and other products.  However, vegetables, herbs, melons, and other produce will be available only through shares.  We are changing our name to “The Adamah Farm CSA of West Hartford” to emphasize our closeness to the farm (since unlike other CSAs we do not pick up at the farm itself” and that we are open to the whole West Hartford community.

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