Harvest Notes for FINAL 2014 Pickup & Registration for 2015

We hope that you enjoyed the festivities at the final pickup.  The Harvest Notes include a link to register for the 2015 season – tell your friends that this year they can register early, too.  The farmers received a lot of new registrations as well as re-registrations at the final pickup for 2014.


This Thursday Adamah will host a celebration at the final pickup!  Bring your kids, friends, family, and prospective 2015 CSA members for pickle-making, farmer meet-and-greet, farmer’s market, and registration for next season.  As always, for the final pickup both Aleph and Bet groups will receive shares.  The farmers believe these will include bok choibroccoli, butternut squash, dry beans, jerusalem artichokes, onions, parsley, potatoes, spinach, and turnips.

The farmers sent this note:  “Thanks to everyone for your commitment to local, sustainable, fair food this season! We looked out over the snow-blanketed fields this past week with a sense of completion and appreciation.  The soil bore thousands of pounds of healthy produce without being exhausted thanks to careful land management. The bees buzzed with bellies full of nectar and pollen thanks to our no-spray practices and pollinator habitat establishment. Adamah fellows are preparing to move on with new inspiration and knowledge from months of hard work on the land. We hope that you and your family feel great from all of the fresh, colorful bounty. And, as we go into the long dark nights and short cold days of winter, the compost piles steam with the hot promise of a fertile season in 2015. We hope that you will join us! Registration will open later this week and discounts will be available for early sign-ups.”

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