Harvest Notes for October 23rd – ALEPH

Remember that if you want to use your pumpkin for pie or muffins after Hallowe’en, you should decorate it in a way that doesn’t cut into the rind because that can lead to mold.  When you do open your pumpkin, remember that the seeds can be seasoned and toasted into a crunchy snack.  You can do the same with your winter squash seeds.

The Harvest Notes have some other suggestions, one that a member posted in her FB feed is for candied jalapeños that will work with the cayenne peppers we receive from Adamah.


This week the farmers from Adamah will bring jams, pickles, and other goodies for CSA members and friends to buy.  The sales are not limited to CSA members so tell your friends and neighbors about the kosher treats they can enjoy.

Arugula can add tang to sandwiches or a peppery bite to salads.

Arugula can add tang to sandwiches or a peppery bite to salads.  If it’s the salad itself use a strong dressing and balance with light and crunchy pear or apple.

For CSA members picking up this week, the farmers say we can expect to receive arugulabeets, lettuce, radishes, turnips, sage, scallions, and winter squash.  Last week’s Harvest Notes suggest a way to cook winter squash with sage, you can also roast beets with sage.  You can cook turnips in many ways, including with their tops (greens can be cooked separately) or roasted in wine and honey.  If you still have potatoes from last week, mix them with turnips into fritters.  Many of the other ingredients will go together into a salad; add some apples and toasted nuts for crunch, mild soft cheese if it will be part of a dairy meal, and maybe a simple apple cider vinaigrette.

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