Harvest Shares for September 4th – Bet

There were no Harvest Notes this week due to the fire at the Isabella Freedman Retreat Center, where Adamah Farm is located.

GUESSTIMATE:  It appears that eggplant and squash are winding down, but we received some HUGE beets this week.  If you need some new suggestions for serving them, you can roast or braise the roots.  We didn’t receive the greens this week, but you can substitute the kale we did receive for beet greens in this recipe.  At pickup some of us were talking about adding orange juice to the beets – a simple way is to peel and cut the cooked beets into chunks, then put them into a pot with some some orange juice and a bit of sugar and slowly heat to let the juice and sugar bubble into a glaze that coats the pieces.  The amount of orange juice and sugar depends upon your preferences, so taste and adjust as needed.  Last year Mark Bittman created one of his charts suggesting several different ways to cook beets – try a few and see if any become a favourite.


Can you believe it is September already?  The farmers think that this week we will receive beets, cherry tomatoes, eggplant, garlic, peppers, squash, tomatoes, and either parsley or cilantro.  As this week’s e-news suggested, it’s a great week to make baba ghanoush, which has the advantage of being served cold or at room temperature.

Baba ghanoush is easy to make ahead and handily is served room temperature or cold.

Baba ghanoush is easy to make ahead and handily is served room temperature or cold.

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