Harvest Notes for August 7th – Bet

The farmers included a “State of the Farm” report at the top of this week’s Harvest Notes, in case you are wondering whether these fabulous shares will continue into the fall.

Farmers on the Garlic Truck in August2014


The weather has been good for crops.  The farmers think we will receive a combination of basil, carrots, cucumbers, eggplant (two different varieties, but they can be cooked the same), garlic, kale, leeks, squashes, and tomato.  Remember to bring a big bag, or two bags – we’re getting a lot of squash!  If you’re tired of the usual recipes, try grilling the eggplant with greens such as kale, do an easy multi-coloured bake that can be held for Shabbos lunch, or wait for the upcoming farmer’s market to cook summer squash with feta and basil,  Cooking Light has a list of eighty-three recipes to peruse for other ideas.

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