Harvest Notes for July 31st – Aleph

We did indeed receive our first tomatoes!  They may not be the deep red of grocery store tomatoes, but that’s because Adamah plants heirloom types – read an article about them and check out the linked page of photos so you can determine which type you picked up today. In addition to information about the veggies and herbs in our shares, the Harvest Notes contain a picture of some Adamahniks showing how the cucumbers can be more precious than fine jewels.


The farmers think we’ll receive basil, carrots, cucumber, garlic, green beans, kale, leeks, and summer squash, plus possibly eggplants and our first tomatoes.  Bon Appetit just posted a recipe that uses both leeks and summer squash, and they offer other recipes for marinated vegetables (including summer squash) or pickled summer squash that can help use the bounty we are receiving and add a bit of zing to your meals.  This pretty photo is a simple saute:

Summer Squash Saute from Bon Appetit

The farmers have given us dates for the next two Farm Markets – August 14th and September 18th.  These are open to the public so tell your friends that they can come buy pickles, cheese, jams, and other items.  The farmers may not send many extra veggies, the CSA remains the best way to receive those each week.  We’ve created a Facebook event for each market, so if you’re on FB just Join the event and you’ll receive reminders, and you can invite your friends to attend.  We’ll also remind people via email and our weekly posts.

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