Harvest Notes for July 3rd (Aleph)

Perfect for hot sticky days, we received lots of salad and cooling cucumber – read more in the Harvest Notes for this week.  You can slice and grill the summer squash on skewers; if you use wooden ones, remember to soak them in water for about an hour so they don’t scorch.


The farmers say that this week we are very likely to receive Curly Kale, Garlic Scapes, Romaine Lettuce, Summer Crisp Lettuce, Salad Mix, Lavender (can be added to butter cookies or dried for sachets), Snow Peas, Hakurai Turnips (good raw in salads), and Zucchini, and may receive Basil, Broccoli, and Cucumbers.  If you see words in blue, you can click it to get recipes that use the item, such as the cookies in this picture.

Lavender Cookies

If you would like to suggest recipes that you and your family have enjoyed, please do and we will use them in a future post!  The kale salad recipe is one recommended by a member in our first season, and it and variations have been popular ever since.

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