Harvest Notes for Week 14 (Bet)

Even those arriving late in the day were able to select from a variety of types of tomatoes.  Do you have a favorite?

Read the Harvest Notes for suggestions on preserving them.


The farmers think we will receive leeks, tomatoes (did you choose a selection of colors last week, or did you take all one type?), cherry tomatoes, peppers, dill (good on fish or vegetables), chard, and garlic.

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3 Responses to Harvest Notes for Week 14 (Bet)

  1. laura miller says:

    I purchased $ 11.00 container of Feta cheese last week and was disappointed. It didnt have much taste-very bland-

    • whcsa11 says:

      There are people who appreciate the fact that the cheese is mild-flavored. You can make it stronger by replacing the brine with one heavier in salt and letting the cheese sit for a week or so. If you are used to fetas from the grocery store, many of them are older and have developed the stronger taste over time.

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