First Week’s Harvest Notes – June 13, 2013

The Harvest Notes have been posted this week, full of news about the veggies in our pickup.  Even if you didn’t get a share this week, read the News from the Farm at the bottom to learn how they are coping with all the rain and other weather challenges we have already had.

The farmers had a tasting table today, giving people a chance to sample cheese, yoghurt, and pickled items, and they will have another at next week’s pickup.  If you sign up for a specialty share this week or next, you can walk away with your goodies and receive a full season of deliveries.  Otherwise, the shares are pro-rated – including veggie shares, if you have a friend who now wants to join the CSA.  Just email via the link on our homepage.

Salad Mix GrowingOur first delivery is almost here!  This is an Aleph delivery, so that group of alternate week shares, plus the shares for those who receive veggies every week, will pick up on Thursday.  Janna, one of the lead farmers, told us to expect red romaine lettuce, pea shoots, spinach, salad mix (remember this photo from last year, showing how salad mix actually grows mixed?), young kale, salad turnips, and possibly microgreens.  As always, check the Harvest Notes that will be linked here on Thursday for details about what is in the share.

You may remember the salad turnips from last year – they are thin-skinned and juicy and crunchy, like giant radishes.  Slice them raw and add them to salads, or shred them into a salad.  They can be roasted like the thicker-skinned winter turnips if you prefer, or braised or used in soup.

Pea shoots are new to us.  They are the choice leaves and tendrils of pea plants and contain lots of Vitamins A and C and folic acid.  You can use them all kinds of ways, both raw and cooked, in salads and pasta.

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