Hurricane Sandy and Harvest Notes for November 1st

The Harvest Notes for this week give us good news about how the farm came through Hurricane Sandy.  One building at the retreat center was damaged by a falling tree.


The farmers confirmed that delivery WILL occur on Thursday:  “Everyone is safe here and we do have power in our main building but the rest of our power is out.  We have not sustained flooding although the river is very very high and it continues to rain lightly, so we will see. We are in no danger of a catastrophe though, as most of the crops are out of the Sadeh.  We will be at the JCC on Thursday as usual. The veggies are a bit wind beaten but otherwise fine for harvest.”


The farmers prepared by harvesting vegetables in flood
prone areas yesterday.  They are ready for the storm, and eager to deliver on Thursday.  Hopefully the storm won’t require a delivery change, but please watch your email for updates just in case.  Stay safe!

If all goes well after Sandy departs, we are likely to get Broccoli Rabe, Kale, Onions, and Winter Squash with a 50% chance of Turnips, Sage, Rutagega, Mint, Lettuce Heads, Lemon Balm, Leeks, and Beets.

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