Harvest Notes for September 27th

Some of the items for sale at today’s farmstand.

The Harvest Notes are up and explain why we won’t receive any apples this year.

Did you stop at the farmstand today?  If you want to encourage friends to try the fresh organic veggies or the lacto-fermented pickles, krauts, and kimchis, or yummy organic jams, tell them to check out the photos on our Facebook page today.  The farmers completely sold out of their Cherry Bomb Jelly, which one buyer suggests spreading over cream cheese or the Adamah Labeneh or Chevre as an appetizer or snack.  Scoop with water crackers or pita crisps, or spread on crackers or thin slices of bread.


The farmers say that we are likely to receive Carrots, Kale, Onions,  Napa Cabbage, Sage, Scallions, and Winter Squash, with a 50% chance of getting Lettuce Heads, Peppers, and Potatoes.

Remember that this week is the Farmer’s Market!  Pick up some extra items, including yoghurt or cheese, pickles, and jams.  The farmers also bring their wonderful herbal salves.  Tell your friends that they can come to the JCC to shop for organic produce and kosher goodies, or remind them to plan their regular visit to allow for shopping.  Often someone bemoans not thinking to bring money when they come to swim or work out.

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