Harvest Notes for August 9th – And Specialty Shares

The Harvest Notes for this week tell you about the different types of cucumbers and melons that we are enjoying.

Don’t forget to put the Annual Picnic on your calendars!


If you signed up for a Salty/Sweet or Dairy share, remember that they will be delivered this week.  In the veggies shares you can expect to receive basil, cucumbers, summer squash and/or zucchini, and tomatoes.  You also have a 50% chance of receiving some or all of these:  eggplant, green peppers, kale or collard greens, leeks, melons (different varieties), sweet onions and herbs including mint, sage, and summer savory.

Not familiar with all these herbs?  Chop the mint and sprinkle over fruit salad, or add to iced tea.  Sage is very good on roasted meats, added to scrambled eggs, or chopped into biscuits.  Fry6 the leaves in a little butter or oil for a simple and tasty pasta sauce, especially for stuffed pasta such as ravioli.  Summer savory can be added to a vinaigrette dressing to pour over the tomatoes, or to season the cooked greens or mushrooms.

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