Harvest Notes for August 2nd

The Harvest Notes are already up!  See some links below for ideas on how to use a few of the items in this week’s share, and look at past weeks’ posts to find recipes for others.  You can maek a refreshing beet-and-potato salad by adding sour cream or yoghurt to diced boiled potatoes and diced roasted beets.  Flavour the salad with chopped dill or prepared horseradish; add some chopped pickles for a Scandinavian twist.


According to the farmers, this week shares will likely receive:  Slicing Tomatoes and Paste Tomatoes (the less-juicy ones that are good for cooking), Basil, Sweet Onions, Kale, Fennel Greens (with an anise taste), and Cucumbers.  There is a 50% chance that the following may also be included: Eggplant, Cherry Tomatoes, Broccoli Florets, Summer Squash, Mint, Carrots, and Beets.

Click the links for some new ideas for cooking the items.  Notice that there is one for Minted Carrots that can be very refreshing; it is recommended to leave out the sugar as carrots are so naturally sweet.  We even have one that uses only the fronts of fennel!

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