Harvest Notes for July 26th (and Farmers Market Day!)

The Harvest Notes have been posted.  Did you see the suggestion on Facebook about making tzatziki by adding goatgurt to the share items, and using it as a dressing for tomato salad or grilled eggplant?  Several persons seem to like that idea!


The farmers are pretty sure that we will get Basil, Carrots, Collards (which can be blanched and frozen for cooking during the winter), Cucumbers, Fresh Garlic, and Tomatoes, with a 50% chance for Broccoli Florets, Cherry Tomatoes, Dill, Mint, Summer Squash, and Swiss Chard.  Did you try last week’s dill on roasted beets?  One share member was recommending it.  This week, you have the ingredients for a classic spaghetti sauce.

Remember that this week is the Farmers Market.  Tell your friends that they can come and buy fresh organic vegetables and herbs, pickles, sauerkraut, jams, “goatgurt,” and cheeses.  All certified organic and kosher, and all very delicious.

SAVE THE DATE:  Our annual picnic will be August 26th in Elizabeth Park.  Details will be announced.  It’s a great time to meet and visit with other CSA members.  Bring your favourite way to cook that week’s veggies, or other treats to enjoy and share.

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