Harvest Notes for June 28th – Farmer’s Market!

Did you read the Harvest Notes?  Find out more about the kinds of greens and vegetables you received every week when you read the Harvest Notes.  Note that “Napa Cabbage” and “Chinese Cabbage” are the same thing – and tastes great shredded into salad or slaw.


The farmers expect to include these in our shares this week:  Beets, Broccoli, CarrotsCollards, Lettuce Heads, Napa Cabbage, Salad Mix, and Scallions.  This week, except for the collards and scallions, each link goes to a salad recipe that uses the item.  You can also try the kohlrabi-turnip-carrot salad recipe suggested in the June 14th post.  Many of the salads can be made ahead and kept chilled, then served at various meals over Shabbat if you do not cook on Shabbat.  This time of year, cool salads are always welcome!

Don’t forget that this week is the Farmer’s Market, inside the front door of the JCC.  Tell your friends to shop for veggies, herbs, and extras: dairy, sweet, and salty treats.  If you want extra of something from the share, check the Farmer’s Market to see what they have to offer.

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