Harvest Notes for June 14th

This week’s Harvest Notes have been posted!  They contain information about the items you will receive today as well as information useful for the pickup, given that are have both Large and Small Shares.

Don’t forget to bring bags or boxes to carry the items home.  You might want to have small bags for herbs and keeping items separate.

Salty/Sweet members received a jar of sauerkraut and a jar of kimchee.  If you’d like to add a salty/sweet or dairy share, there’s still time!  Orders placed before Monday 25 June will receive their first share on June 28th, when the Farmer’s market is in town.  So you’ll still receive a full delivery of your salty/sweet or dairy share – but you have to order quickly!  Mail payment by next Friday or go to the farm’s website and use your credit card to pay.


Our first delivery is almost here!  This is the estimate of what to expect on Thursday.  It could change before then, since the harvest occurs on Wednesday night to ensure that the items are as fresh as possible.  Items may turn up in Thursday’s delivery that the farmers didn’t think would be ready when they created the list below, and items they thought would be ready or plentiful may not be sufficient to fulfill all share requirements.

This is the guesstimate for this week:  Bok Choy, Lettuce Heads,
Arugula, Salad Mix, Turnips, Radishes, Garlic Scapes or Scallions, and Mint.

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