May 21, 2012 – One month to go!

We’re starting to get questions from members about the first deliveries.  While it’s too early to know what we will receive on June 14th, since that is a month away, Adamah reports that they have already made the first chevre of the season and are starting to put up pickles.  You can see them planting leeks on the Adamah Blog – which is where Harvest Notes appear during our CSA season.

Last year, the first share contained these items:  arugula, bok choi, collards, head lettuce, lemon balm, salad mix, scallions, spinach, and turnips.  All of these grow well in the spring and are often first crops.  In fact, if you attended one of the tastings that have been held around West Hartford, you may have sampled some of the tiny turnips, long spring onions or scallions, and different types of radishes that have already appeared in harvestable amounts.

As Janna Berger, Adamah Field Manager, reported in our second newsletter last year, “CSA members get to ease into the rhythm of seasonal summer eating by beginning with the vegetables that grow well in the cool weather of spring and are ready for harvest by this time of year.  This is to say, it is a salad and stir-fry week with lots and lots of greens.”

We are posting recipes for salads, stir-fries, and other ways to use these vegetables on the Recipes page.  If you are not familiar with the items in your share, you can check the “What IS This?” page and then jump to recipes for new ways to cook it.

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  1. barbara bard says:


    • whcsa11 says:

      Barbara, it is all on the registration form. Click the link and download the document. If you have any problems, email us at whcsa11 at gmail dot com.

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