Registration Link for 2015

If you would like to register for 2015, please go to this link.  Both every-week and alternate-week shares are available.  The pickup schedule is on that page; you will be assigned to the A or B group for alternate-week shares.  If you are new to the CSA and curious about what shares were like in the past, we have a page listing sample shares or you can look at last year’s Harvest Notes.


If you have friends who are interested in joining the CSA, you can show them this video that gives an idea of the produce and the people on the farm:

Adamah CSA in West Hartford 2015

We will continue to have the Blue Earth Compost bin at the pickup site for your compostable kitchen waste.  You can rent a small bin from Blue Earth for the summer, and use it to bring your compostable items to the pickup site.

The farmers will continue to host monthly markets at which you can buy pickles, jams, and other products.  However, vegetables, herbs, melons, and other produce will be available only through shares.  We are changing our name to “The Adamah Farm CSA of West Hartford” to emphasize our closeness to the farm (since unlike other CSAs we do not pick up at the farm itself” and that we are open to the whole West Hartford community.

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Harvest Guesstimate for July 9th

This week the farmers think we will receive broccoli, cucumber, dillgarlic scapeskalelettuce, and zucchini.  Try sprinkling finely-chopped dill on the zucchini for a quick taste boost, or check the links for more recipe ideas, some of which use more than one of the items in this week’s guesstimate.


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Harvest Notes for July 2nd (Bet)

The Harvest Notes for this week contain suggestions for using or storing the items we received.  The picture shows how beautiful one of the ideas looks when prepared.


Quite a lot in this week’s share, including basil or dill, cucumber, garlic scapeskale, kohlrabi, lettuce, napa cabbage, snow peassummer squash, and turnips.  Almost everything can be chopped or shredded finely and mixed into a raw salad, but click the names to find recipes if you want to try something else.


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Harvest Notes for June 25th.

The Harvest Notes hint at tomatoes to come!  If you want to maintain the lively colours of your chard stems, steam them quickly so they don’t become monochromatic.


The farmers think that this week we will receive cucumbers, garlic scapeskohlrabi, lavender, romaine lettuce, salad turnips, and swiss chard.  This week’s lavender scones will make a nice snack when paired with last week’s lemonade.

Lavender scones pair nicely with lavender lemonade.

Lavender scones pair nicely with lavender lemonade.

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Harvest Notes for June 18th

The Harvest Notes for this week include suggestions on how to use all of the items you received.  Lavender is not just sweet-smelling for your bath or as a drawers-scent, you can put it into a refreshing lemonade.  If you already have the grill going, lightly oil the scallions and toss them on the grate for a few minutes until they start to char, then slice and add to bean salads or side dishes for an additional flavour boost.


Another week with plenty of salad greens and other leafy items:  Bok ChoiCilantroCucumber, Lettuce Heads, Rainbow Chard, Salad Mix, and Scallions. Speaking of green things, here are the Spring and Summer Adamahniks (Adamah Fellows) in a field of rye on the farm:

Spring and Summer 2015 Adamahniks in a rye field.

Spring and Summer 2015 Adamahniks in a rye field.

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Harvest Notes for June 11th – Opening Day for the 2015 season!

As in previous seasons, the Harvest Notes are posted online.  Read about some of the challenges the farmers faced this spring and some of their suggestions about eating the items in this week’s share.


This season, the farm is trying something new by offering choices for some of the items.  Notice the “or” which means you can choose your favourite of two items, or try something new.  This is their best guess as to what will be available this week – the farmers point out that “these early season harvests are a great time to have your favorite salad dressing on hand!”  Check out the links for some new recipes – and the annual favourite, kale chips!

If you have questions about the veggies – how to serve or store them, perhaps? – Adamah farmers will be at the pickup to meet members, answer questions, and sell pickles and jams.  They will also have a market at the West Hartford JCC on Sunday June 14th during the free 100 minutes of yoga from 9:00-10:40am. Other local artisans and vendors will also be featured near the front entrance of the JCC, so if you are a Bet group member and miss them this week, or if you have friends who want to buy pickles and jams and cannot come on Thursday, stop by the JCC this Sunday morning.

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Upcoming markets in May 2015

The farmers will be at the Mandel JCC on the following Sundays:

Sunday, May 10th, 10am – 2 pm

Sunday, May 31st, 10 am – 2 pm

They will have jams and pickles and other goodies, and can talk to people about the CSA.  Tell your friends to drop by and pick up some extra items for Mother’s Day on the 10th, or get some early summer treats on the 31st.

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First Seedlings for our 2015 Shares have Sprouted!

The farmers sent pictures of the first seedlings to sprout for our 2015 shares.

photo 1photo 3photo 4

They said:  “On March 5th we hesitatingly pulled our gloves off finger by finger and put 5,000 onion and leek seeds to soil in greenhouse containers. There was snow up to our hips outside but we jump started our imaginations and visualized crocuses and the return of bird song.  In a March like this one, you really have to believe that the rich soils you knew in November will be unveiled and dried out enough by the time your little plant starts are big enough to go outside.  Every time I hold the first seeds of the season in my hand I feel like I am holding a ball at the top of a hill or an arrow loaded and the string pulled taut, there is so much potential energy built up and ready to release into the unknown.  We hope that you too feel the profound potential of our CSA- to fuel our bodies, to build community, to support our local economy, and to support a healthy regional ecosystem.  Please help spread the word about our program far and wide!”

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