Kosher Chickens Available to Order

Two former Adamahniks have started a organic, free-range, Kosher chicken farm in Massachusetts and the ordering deadline for 2014 is April 15th.  In their third year Robariah Farms has added options and bonuses including

  • Lower Prices. Save more when you buy more. Buy 5, 10, 15, or 20 chickens.
  • Cut-Up Chicken. Buy your chicken already cut-up into pieces, or get it whole. 
  • Year-Round Freezer. Take advantage of our year-round freezer space — free of charge!
  • Free Chicken. Receive one free chicken for every person you refer who purchases at least 5 chickens. Make sure you tell them to give us your name as a reference.

This flyer describes the options for 2014, and the Q&A below gives some additional information:

Robariah Farms 2014 Order Form

Could you give us a bit of information about your farm. Where is it? Who are you? How long have you been farming?
Robert Friedman and his wife Shemariah started Robariah Farms a few years after completing the ADAMAH farm program in 2004. Robariah Farms is a small-scale poultry farm in South Deerfield, MA — the heart of Western Massachusetts’ Pioneer Valley. We seek to offer our regional community a source for kosher, pasture-raised, organically fed chicken. 2013 is our second full CSA season offering chickens shares, which is in addition to our raising ducks for eggs. In 2012 Robariah Farms raised 220 chickens for about 25 CSA families, and in 2013 we raised more than 400 chickens for over 30 families, and also made the chickens available at coops in Northampton, MA, and the Isabella Freedman Retreat Center in Connecticut.  We are connecting with other vegetable CSAs to offer their members a source of kosher, pasture-raised, organically fed chicken.
Robariah Farms operates independently. While the primary pick-up site is our farm site in South Deerfield, MA in mid-August, if enough people from other CSAs (e.g., ADAMAH CSA) purchase our chicken CSA shares, we offer to set up an alternate pick-up site for the convenience of those members to pick-up the chickens. This could be, for example, in coordination with one of the ADAMAH CSA pick-up dates and locations, or set up at a separate time and place. Logistics, questions, chicken shares, and coordination will be handled through Robariah Farms.

How much do they cost?
As noted on the attached flyer, chickens start at $7.95/lb, with prices dropping as you buy more chickens. While this may be more expensive than chicken you might buy at the grocery store, our prices are cost-effective for raising chickens on pasture 24/7, with organic feed as a supplement, and processed as Kosher.

How many chickens are in a share?
The attached flyer/order forms lists our CSA share options. We offer a whole share of 10 whole chickens, or half shares of 5 whole chickens. We only offer whole chickens as this is more cost-effective than having the chickens cut-up into pieces. We ask CSA members to pay a 50% deposit up-front, then the remaining balance at pick-up.   Prices for shares are on the attached flyer.

When they will be dropped off?
Currently we raised one batch of chickens per year. We accept orders until April 15th. Chickens are raised in June and July, then slaughtered, inspected, cleaned, and packaged in August. We aim to deliver chickens to CSA members by mid-August, before the Jewish New Year. Our primary pick-up site is in South Deerfield, MA. However, we will deliver at one of the CSA pickup dates if enough Jewish Local Greens members are interested in chickens.

Who is your hechshering supervision done by? Are you the one who schechts them? Is it someone else?
Our chickens are slaughtered, inspected, cleaned, and packaged as Kosher, under the supervision of the Orthodox Union. Due to limited on-site processing options for kosher poultry in Massachusetts, which could support our volumes, we take advantage of one of the few Kosher chicken processing facilities in our region. It is located a few hours from our farm in northeastern Pennsylvania, called David Elliot Poultry. Their shochet oversee the slaughtering and processing of the chickens.

Where can I find out more information?
Attached is our 2014 flyer and order form with details for the season. You can email with any questions.

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